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  • EBAA IRON, INC. Restraint devices such as the original Megalug, Megaflange; also  Flex-Tend Expansion Joints. 

  • THE KUPFERLE FOUNDRY COMPANY  Automatic flushing systems, blow-off hydrants, sampling stations. 

  • TOTAL PIPING SOLUTIONS  Triple-Tap Tapping sleeves and line stops: wide range, made in the USA. 

  • ADVANCE PRODUCTS & SYSTEMS, INC.  Casing spacers, end seals, mechanical seals, wall sleeves, U-Bolt Cote. 

  • TRUMBULL INDUSTRIES Mud valves, hydrostatic tank pressure relief valves, extension stems, stem guides, floor stands, chain wheels. 

  • US SAWS Surface preparation tools & accessories.

  • LFM  Fiberglass manholes, wet wells, tanks.  

  • ENGINEERED FLUID, INC. Integrated, custom, factory-built pumping, metering, treatment, and control systems.

  • MUNICIPEX  Municipal piping alternative.

  • RHINO MARKING SYSTEMS  Pipeline markers, test stations, various damage prevention products. 

  • SCHONSTEDT INSTRUMENT COMPANY  Pipe and Cable Locators, Mag Locators. 

  • WAGER COMPANY  Odor control valves, sewer vents. 

  • ADAPTOR INC.  Sewer seals, valve box stabilizers. 

  • PRONAL-USA  Inflatable Trench Shields. 

  • LANSAS PRODUCTS Pipe plugs, test plugs, test equipment.  

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